Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Caroline visits Castle Dunlaggin

Caroline has been searching for her natural mother, and thinks a lifeline has been thrown when Regina Heart gets in touch, claiming to be her birth mother. Regina has founded a pagan cult religion on a Scottish island, and persuades Caroline to visit her remote castle.

She breathed in the cool clear air and let it calm her worries. She would treat this as a holiday, a much needed break from her life. She joined in the laughter as the women scrambled from the boat onto the wet concrete ramp. She looked up at the fairytale castle, dark against the grey sky.
Every room and bunk was already booked for the solstice, so Regina led Caroline up the narrow stone steps to the unused bedroom above her own.
“I’m sorry it’s so dusty,” said Regina. “I’ll organise a work party to clean it out and make the bed.”
“I can do that myself if you tell me where things are,” said Caroline.
“No,” said Regina. “I’ll get Jocasta to do it. She finds cleaning therapeutic. I want you to begin orgatron practice right away. It’s only three days until the moon ceremony and I want you to be ready.”
“Ready in what way?”
“You could be my first high priestess, but we need to build up your vaginal power. Come, I’ll give you an introduction and you’ll see what I mean. I have a machine which can accelerate the learning process. Here, let me put this on you.”
She clipped an orgatron over Caroline’s wrist and gave her a brief instruction on the significance of the flashing colours.
“Is this the machine you were talking about?”
“All the proselytes wear the orgatron for practice. I have another machine which is only used in circumstances when time is short. Most of the women build up their orgasmic power over a few weeks, a whole month ideally. But I realise that busy people like you can’t give up a whole month, much as they might like to. That’s where the orgasmic accelerator comes in.”
She led Caroline down to the practice rooms and found Joni and Jocasta practising together spread across some large cushions. Regina made a sign and withdrew from the room. Five minutes later a flushed Jocasta emerged and bowed meekly to Regina.
“What duties do you wish me to perform, Mistress Superior?”
“Please clean the room above my own. Make sure it’s spotless. I will inspect when you have finished.”
Two minutes later, Joni emerged, panting lightly, her orgatron still flashing yellow.
“How can I serve the spirit of the orgasm?” asked Joni.
“In the best way imaginable,” said Regina. “Take this novice and show her the love of the community. Wash her and oil her, give her loose robes, then take her to GEORGe. Set the timer to one hour.”
“One hour, Mistress Superior? I understood novices began with fifteen minutes.”
“Caroline is a special case, she has great potential.”

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