Friday, 22 March 2013

Guest: Antonia Anderson

Robert is a lovely man but he can be cynical. I told him he wasn't being fair about career and personal development so here I am to put another viewpoint.

I am Antonia Anderson, Head of Press, PR and Social Media in Monsaint Medical Instruments. That's enough about me. Robert says he will put a picture on his facebook page:

The fact is that MMI is a brilliant, dynamic company that cares about the future, and believes in nurturing internal talent. Our chief executive, Andreas Rivera-Castillo, knows that the difference between the winners and the also-rans in today's competitive environment is Leadership. Strong leaders have an undefinable edge which is why they get to the top. Belief is a big part of it. And that intensive experience in Spain with my colleagues was all about discovering the inner belief, the inner motivation that drives us to the top.

Leadership and working together. Robert jokes about it, but we left the UK as eight individuals and returned as a TEAM. Not Caroline, obviously, because she got the opportunity to pitch for the Europe job in Frankfurt and didn't fly back to Gatwick. I know my colleagues so much better, and I like them better too, even Donna. It's no exaggeration to say that I love those people. Hang on, exclude Donna from that. But Cherry, Clive, Alistair, Jay Emm, and Caroline of course. Despite all we've been through, she's still my best friend at work.

What does that mean, if we say we love a colleague? It means we trust them, we admire them, and in some cases, specific situations, we might go to bed with them. I admit I have. But that's the world of business. It's not nine to five. I won't say who, but I expect Robert will put in the book. He says he'll change the names so I don't need to worry.

It was hard work, yes, but we had so much fun in the sun. Clive had an App on his phone which listed the top ten bars in Allucano. One of them ran an amateur pole dancing competition on Thursday nights so we decided to go along for a laugh. It's also one of my hobbies - not in public of course. I've been going to pole dancing classes at my gym for about a year. I've tried swimming, boxing, rowing, but nothing does the stomach muscles as well as the pole.

It was difficult to persuade Caroline to come along to Spanish Knights, but something changed her mind. I know what it was, and if Robert ever let's me do another post, I might tell you.

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