Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Should a book contain a 'Foreword'? Why not just plunge straight in with Chapter One? Is it part of the story or not? Fair question. And the answer is, yes and no. No, because the novel Shameless Exposure, published by Steam eReads and available via the link below stands complete in itself. Yes, because it is part of a larger landscape, the Shameless series, a set of stories which share some familiar characters, some common themes, and some scenes Caroline would rather forget ever happened. Here is the Foreword to Shameless Exposure:
Soon after the Eurobonds affair I received an email from Herbert von
Wolfswinkle. He explained that around the time the loans were made
to Monsaint, Melody had applied to join the Inner Circle. She wanted
access to the private parties for stressed-out bankers and politicians.
Von Wolfswinkle vetted her application and turned it down:
Miss Bigger lacked the necessary discretion to become a member of our society.
She did not forgive me for turning her down. Be careful of that Bigger
woman. If she perceives you have slighted her, she will seek to destroy you
like she sought to destroy me. Please give my felicitations to your lovely wife
Caroline, and tell her she is welcome to visit me at the IMF when she is next
in New York. I will be honoured to show her the inner workings of this great
institution. Regards, HvW.
I replied to sender, thanking Herbert for completing the jigsaw. I didn’t
tell Caroline about the invitation to visit the IMF, or about his warning.
I wish I had.

Read more than the Foreword on Amazon:

goo.gl/DvujEy    (UK)
goo.gl/gUue8x   (Rest of the World)


  1. Funny, I rarely read Forewords. I'll read a prologue though.

    1. That shows the benefit of a classical education. Either that, or too much Frankie Howard.


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