Monday, 9 September 2013

Blog Tour

Caroline has sent me on a Blog Tour. I wonder what she's planning while I'm away? Of course, it's a virtual world, so I will be virtually stuck to the Internet, the greatest time wasting invention since the invention of time. Here's how you can waste time easily too:

It's easy, just look on your calendar and click on the links. Normally I would recommend wasting time at work rather than at home, but one or two of these sites require you to confirm you are 18. Employers are funny people so you have been warned.

Sept 4: Rose & Beps Blog
Sept 6: Jesse Recommends
Sept 6: Liberty Ann's SnifferWalk Books (Guest Post)
Sept 7: BookwormBridgette's World
Sept 9: Musings of a Writing Reader (Guest Post)
Sept 10: Jody's Book Reviews, Giveaways & Tours
Sept 11: My Reading Obsession
Sept 13: deal sharing aunt
Sept 15: Musings And Ramblings (Author Interview)
Sept 16: Harlie's Books (Guest Post/Review)
Sept 17: AJ Best Writes (Guest Post)
Sept 17: Sapphyria's Steamy Book Reviews

All of the sites have their own appeal. You know how in science fiction there are parallel universes? Well it's here and now and called the WWW. All human and non-human life is there, and there is so much of it. If you are actually required to do some work and strapped for time, I can add an extra 'recommend' to Liberty Ann's Sniffer Walk Books (Sept 6th) and the upcoming Musings and Ramblings (Sept 15th) when you will get the chance to find out things about me you didn't know and I didn't know either until put on the spot by the clever interviewer, Judith Cauthan.

This technological brilliance is rounded off with the chance to win books from SteameReads. I think you get to choose a book of your choice. How fab is that?

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