Monday, 25 February 2013


One of the partners in the commercial law firm which often uses my services always calls me a lazy b*****. I'm never sure whether it's a term of affection or an honest assessment. I have to admit that I can't be bothered to pretend I'm busy when I'm not, which is the fashion these days.

But this is less about speculating how ambitious I am and more about trying to work out why I would write a blog. The simple reason is that I enjoy writing. I find life interesting, especially Caroline's life. I see stories all around, and make notes in little black notebooks and on a little black iPad. I shall be using those contemporaneous notes in my blog.

It's also a way of talking to someone, people in general perhaps. Caroline travels a lot for business and when she is away I am short of someone to talk to. Not football, the weather, the economic crisis in Europe: male friends, colleagues, are fine for that sort of material. But if there's something more personal,  more delicate, like what do I really think about Caroline's best-friend-at-work Antonia, then I'm short of a communicator. So you will have to do. 

The short answer is: I think she's cute. I like that wide smile and blond bob look. She's fit, which is probably something to do with the pole dancing classes she signed up for at her gym, done strictly for fitness purposes. She says.

Caroline, well she's shapely, exotic and mysterious, though I'd be careful before I called her shapely to her face. Sometimes such comments are misunderstood. And after three years being married, mystery can be forgotten. It used to be the seven year itch, now it's three. In the modern world, everything has accelerated, not just broadband speeds.

I think the three year theory explains what happened when C went on the career development course in a five star hotel in Spain. More on that next time I'm home alone.

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